Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good words are worth much, and cost little...

It's been a bit since the last post but a baby being born into our lives will do that!  Welcome to this world: Nathan Christopher Maurer, born 5/1/14 at 6:17pm EST, 8lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches long!

The joy of my life...best thing that ever happened to me no doubt!  Now onto to the words of a much younger me, 20 years ago or so I'd measure. Whether good or bad, coal or a diamond, these were my words:


Past the Realm of narrow thought
slipping through a past not fought
trip the light fantastic pain
ripping through like raging train
stopped by hope's undying truth
peaceful bliss storming loose
like a reign of holy calm
the presence like a healing balm
yet your doubts still plague the mind
searching for answers none can ever find
unnecessary doubts, unquestioning faith
searching for your one true place
still can't help that nagging sound
while growing pains yet drive you down
to grow, must question, to question - learn
with knowledge past experience burns
now continue on this path true st
this never ending, winding trek

Simple desires, complicated minds
Always searching for what you may never find
Eternal fighting, searching for love
Forever reaching for what you dream of
Living your life with pain teaching you
Constantly changing all that you knew
Learning from mistakes, your pride they can't take
Forever adapting through each heart break
now by yourself, self assurance is made
Pieces of your sanity, the coin you have paid
Now finally collecting pieces of you
Puzzle fit perfect, the one and the true
Finding yourself somewhere underneath
Fighting and struggling to reach inner peace

Simple games of the mind
Dance to a tune that cannot bind
Uncontrolled by civil ways
Playing in their piercing gaze
Break the noose, the ties that bind
No limitations for you to find
Deny the corruption you see all around
Whilst your mind, you imagine unbound
No matter the source, darkness can't toiuch
Forever denying man's unseen crutch
Yet unlike the others, you can play the game
While keeping soul safe, and remaining sane
Untouchably pure, innocent as the babe
Unlike the others, accept what you've made
Denial and fear, the others will learn
Without acceptance these feelings will burn
Still within this dark Hell, you sense some small hope
If with their mistakes these people can hope
To grow and to learn man's ultimate goal
Still their humanity, from Eden once stole
Whether Biblical source, or true test of time
Humanity's curse has hidden the signs
A goodness inherent trapped in us all
Fighting society, with this stop the fall
Still pulling you down, many will try
Fighting their ignorance, with light, till you die
Then embracing eternal, the mark you will leave
A memory of hope that many will see

Play the deadly, dancing game
Faith is lost on the insane
Tip-toe past the realm of what
With the blade of truth - clear cut
Faith, a game - taught few can win
Yet unredeemed, still based on sin
Baptized at birth, choice then stole
Again in youth, still what you're told
Growing now, this faith you question
World teach all, a daily lesson
In your mind, your faith will grow
With the seeds experience sews

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's About That Time (To Bring Forth The Rhythm & The Rhyme)....

Here with your latest installment of more of my jumbled words from the mid-90's...

Dream the dream of a thousand lies
pain's the reality your brain still denies
the truth so painful you cannot accept
turn and ignore the tears that you've wept
run while you can, no use to hide
from the darkness you feel deep inside
the more you try, the harder it seems
feel the burn as your soul does scream
trip into darkness, fall through the light
faster and farther, you're losing your sight
spinning through void
with your heart they have toyed
once blissful soul, through anger destroyed
trapped in unknown, rage has grown
shadow dancing's become your home
with the pain that's made you real
before the god of fear you kneel
touched by the hand, you start to shudder
through clenched teeth you barely mutter
sounds of the hell within
'neath the layer of burning skin
feel the fire as it grows
see the darkness no one knows

Desperate voices speak within
with those words begin again
echoing anger, screaming rage
still unwilling to turn the page
they speak of love not soon forgot
remnant feelings these are not
still a rage burns in your soul
for too long, without control
lingering feelings, hate remains
so sick and tired of playing these games
lash out and hurt, control still denied
lies telling lies, the voices have tried
telling the truth of a past not learned
repeated attempts, blind eyes have turned
denial, betrayal, thoughts turn to the past
knowing at heart, a dream just can't last

mirror image, pain reflected
once again - true self rejected
you have lied and you have cried
by yourself life's been denied
mirrored fear - whirling death
speaking words with dying breath
mirror shows what's trapped within
years of pain worn on your skin
still blind as mice to the proof
yet your eyes scream of the truth
your worst fear still as you grow
reflected is no face you know
but patience isn't yours to grasp
slipping through your fingers, last
years and years, reflections change
as you wake up to the game

New release changing the old
making false all that you've been told
erasing all life, all that you've been taught
again denied for what you have fought
striving to reach that next plateau
by all ignored, denied you still grow
refusal to accept this as the fact
struggling with the wall at your back
yet don't stop, don't ever give up
fight to the finish, goodnight and good luck

Thursday, April 10, 2014


It all continues circa the 1995-1997 range for these ones:

Lost in though, ignoring the world
by emotions, your thoughts and actions are ruled
with little control, you drift through your life
tension so high, can cut with a knife
stress overwhelming, drowning in void
thoughts incoherent, lost love destroyed
look down the barrel life has become
twisted and tortured, cold steel of the gun
with tunnel vision, blind to the truth
can't see the light, despite all the proof
anger building, crescendo is reached
learning a lesson that none can teach
still the rage grows within
scared to fail and relapse again
for too long you've hid and ignored the voice
now actions leave you with no other choice
want to lash out at all those around
scream in silence and none hear the sound
of the darkness deep inside
the repeating echo of an eternal cry
to heaven and hell, now trapped inbetween
clearing the path with a primal scream
repeating mistakes from now til the last
never forgetting the sins of the past

Abandon, goodbye, the tears that you've cried
all for a hope that long ago died
seeing their faces cast on the wall
speaking in silence, they can't stop the fall
relying on others for a true sense of self
dependent on feels, still denying yourself
without a purpose, condemned in your hell
fooling them all to thinking you're well
although opportunities arise all around
you're trapped by a wall while fears they surround
memories of love, peace, and of hate
unsure of yourself, yet painful to wait
so inside of your shell, you sit and you stare
knowing the truth of life, never fair

Goodnight, farewell, I'll see you in hell
along with the secrets you never did tell
hiding the truth from the one you need trust
never living the life that you must
still you run  and hide from the mass
ignoring your feelings from now til the last

Why the games that people play
used to cover what they're afraid to say
is the truth so bad that they must cover
their true selves from one another
a little white lie, a desperate try
to keep it from ending and saying goodbye
they play the fool, just to be cool
by the longing their actions are ruled
a simple desire to be in the crowd
they speak in a voice that's never too loud
twisting and turning, in lies they are caught
most never knowing the pain they have wrought
pushing all away, like a sign from above
always destroying what they have loved

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Rhymes Continued...

I couldn't tell you exactly when these were penned, sometime during my early High School career is about as pinpoint accurate as I can be, suffice it to say that I was obviously in a very dark place writing these.  What I remember about the actual writing process though isn't all that different from how things tend to work when I write things out nowadays, I just sit there and stuff falls out of my brain.  There generally isn't a plan or an endgame in mind, I just...write:



pain streaks down, screaming lies
from the fear you're paralyzed
sadness breaks and anger comes
telling you you've been undone
the pain now feels your only right
screaming at you each lonesome night
the hate and rage no longer yours
above the mindless sheep you soar
yet that voice still in your head
telling you "You're better off dead"


You thought you'd fool yourself to believing this lie
truths always there no matter how hard you try
can't run from the thoughts you're trying to hide
feel the fire of the pain deep inside
you can't keep this up it's tearing you down
trapped like a rat, you spin round & round
no easy way, no escape from this game
trying and dying til it drives you insane
you reach out for help, slapped in the face
trapped inside of yourself - empty space
thoughts incoherent, emotions explode
reaping the results of what someone else sewed
out of control, a true crash & burn
from your mistakes you can't seem to learn
eventually once the pain might stop
before or after your sanity drops?


shooting pain, facing death
stare it down, feel its breath
icy hot, searing cold
lie and pain & fear untold
unknown anger, senseless pain
drilling, driving, spinning insane
eternal dark, endless night
turn in rage, run in fright
escape, escape - nowhere to run
on your temple, feel the gun
eternal damnation, eternal life
one is the other, stabbing knife
bouncing back, spinning in time
no end but death, never mine
blood red streak, no voice to speak
reaper's come to cull the weak
black unknown, home sweet home
sweetest embrace you've ever known
release from this, clench your fist
gone from this life-you're never missed


Now it's done
your time has come
the life you led has brought you dead
you beg & plead
still none heed
your source of strength
sent you beneath
the reaper's come
now life is done
prepare yourself for the unknown
for he has come to take you home

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Poetry Years Begin...

So after that "scholarly" piece of work on Scientology from my college days, it's not time to backtrack into the beginning of what I can only call my poetry years.  It all started my Sophomore year of High School (94/95) and continued on pretty hardcore for most of my HS career. It dwindled off in part due to a god awful visiting professor at Michigan State my Junior year who I let kind of crush whatever aspirations I had then but it still rears its chaotic head from time-to-time.  So here's a few pieces that marked the beginning of this road (forgive me, I was 15):


circle of pain begins again
repeats of the same old sin
heart will break, hope will die
as the last drops from your eye
now twisted love arise again
to be destroyed...why begin
pain flows freely through the haze
living life in a daze
stop the madness, but cannot
always hits that same old spot
memories of happiness torn to shreds
love born again, better off dead
reach for help, kicked in the face
laughed at, hit, and spit in disgrace
no time to breath, it happened too fast
and once again it's over...at last
now contact is made, it begins again
the same old trip, this circle of sin

friends you used to love and trust
now they leave you in the dust
you see yourself holding back
this urge to strike and attack
hate, rage, pain, and hurt
after all this time, you're less than dirt
You've been with them through good and bad
and when you need them most, so sad
you need their help to get back up
they kick you like some worthless pup
and as they walk past in disgust
you start to learn what you must
don't ever put such blind faith into a friend
they'll never be there in the end

as shadows creep, your hand it falls
from the inner depths it crawls
a tear of blood drops from your eye
this is the last you'll ever cry
this time as your eyes close tight
from me you'll see no kiss goodnight
the light, it dies as it must
the last you see turned in disgust
the easy way--you never said goodbye
and in the end I still won't cry

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Does Scientology Hate The Internet?

Jumping all the way from Junior High to my Senior Year at Michigan State University!  There is a lot of stuff in-between but I decided to break up the "creative" writing with a research paper assignment from my Religion 210 class circa December 7, 2000.  If memory serves this was a Religion & Film or Religion & The Media class and consisted of watching a lot of various films.  One in particular that stands in my memory was one depicting the Mahabharata but I can't recall the name of the movie.  It may even have been called The Mahabharata and, if Google serves me well, it was released in 1989.

That's neither here nor there for this paper though.  I believe our assignment was to write about the depiction of a religion via some form of media/technology.  For some reason, at that moment, I was intrigued by Scientology; I believe it was due to a story I read about their stance on medical treatment and what happened to several followers as a result.  It led me down a rabbit hole of information that, when this assignment was presented, proved to be ideal for the situation.

So here it is, from 12/7/00 according to the date on my title page (scares me I still remember my student ID number after 14 years), straight from REL210:


The Internet has, in some circles, long been considered the last bastion of truly, one hundred percent, free speech due to the lack of restrictions foisted upon it from government sources, laws, and the like.  Thus far the world wide web has remained fairly open to the public as a forum to express every point of view imaginable on roughly any issue a person could think of trying to find.  In a sense, computers and the Internet access provided by them, could be viewed as an extension of the first amendment laws that allow citizens the freedom of speech, and also the freedom of religious practice.  In an interesting form of irony, those two rights provided by the first amendment have come into conflict in the eyes of the Church of Scientology as they apparently have developed problems with the Internet community and the free speech provided by this form of media.  Issues of copyright infringement have become a large issue between this quasi-religious community and the denizens of the Internet, spawning problems that have shut down websites, resulting in lawsuits and court battles, and creating much bad blood between the Scientology community and that of the Internet.  The problems have persisted since the early 1990's, if not earlier, and still continue to this day as the Internet community attempts to uncover the "truth" about Scientology, or at least one perception of it.

Of course to understand exactly how this all came about, it is somewhat necessary to understand where Scientology came from, especially considering that the origin story is heavily in contention in this medium.  Questions abound as to the legitimacy of the history of the founder, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, so the back story provided by the Church itself has become just as much an issue as the practices of the Scientologists.  According to Church history and the biography that Scientology has created for Hubbard, he had interaction with an Indian shaman and became his blood brother, at age 12 was studying under Cmdr. Joseph C. Thompson (1st U.S. Military officer to study with Freud), and was a world traveler at a very young age.  Eventually he ended up in George Washington University where he studied match, engineering, and nuclear physics but he never graduated.  Instead he became writer, largely in the realm of science fiction.  Hubbard began his spiritual journey in 1945, after he was blinded and crippled during World War II, by studying psychoanalytic theory and Eastern Philosophy and eventually developing his own theories of the human mind, theories that became the basis for Scientology.  He then applied these theories to himself and healed his own body from the war wounds (Zellner/Petrowsky, p143).

At some point Hubbard hooked up with John Campbell Jr., the editor of a popular magazine, and used these same theories to heal Campbell's chronic sinusitis.  Campbell published the first article on "Dianetics" as Hubbard called it and eventually the first book as well, a work called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.  The book, and its teachings, gathered a decent size following which also made Hubbard a highly demanded lecturer.  In 1950, Hubbard founded the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation to provide the public with his therapy and continued to expand these beliefs into a form of theology.  Through his explorations, Hubbard discovered he had been Buddha in a previous life, as well as the founder of Rhodesia, but eventually disappeared to sea, sailing for years around the world.  In 1980 when he returned, Hubbard went into seclusion until he died in 1986 at which point Church officials announced that "Hubbard's body had become an impediment to his work. He had therefore 'dropped his body' and was continuing his research on another planet." (Zellner/Petrowsky, p144).

That may be a highly compressed version of how the Church came about and the origins of L. Ron Hubbard, but it gives the general idea of how Hubbard has been setup as a very messianic figure through his Church's documents, and also makes it understandable as to why the anti-Scientology Internet community has problems with this origin (among numerous other facets of that community). The problems generally stem from the perception that Scientology has been founded on a history of lies and deceit, and that (largely from the information provided by ex-members) it is more akin to a cult than an organized religion.  The movement online has become more of a warning system, a counterpoint to the official story provided by the Church of Scientology (CoS), to keep the public informed of the full picture, just as with any other organization.

From the Internet side of the issue, the lies begin right from the beginning with the foundation the CoS is built on, the life of L. Ron Hubbard.  In contention to Hubbard's claims about his military service, official documentation from the Navy has surfaced that provides specific detail about what Hubbard did during his service to the country.  What comes to light is a record of largely U.S. stationed service in California and Washington, with the only off-shore duty being performed in Australia (www.xmission.com); these facts lend a shadow of doubt to the claims of war wounds and fighting during the second World War.  Despite the lack of medical evidence to back it up, Hubbard himself has claimed in his personal writings that:

"Blinded with  injured optic nerves, and lame with physical injuries to hip and back, and the end of World War II, I faced an almost non-existent future.  My service record states: 'This officers has no neurotic or psychotic tendencies of any kind whatsoever' but it also states 'permanently disabled physically.' (www.xmission.com)"

Even when a film presented in Britain brought this knowledge to the public, the CoS argued that they were deliberately skewing the truth and that there were indeed medical records to back up the claims Hubbard had made regarding his health.  This is but one example of the problems spawning simply from the stories surrounding the CoS's founder, not to mention the problems created by the beliefs of the CoS and the manner in which Scientologists go about pushing them (as perceived by the Internet community).   The apparent discrepancies between official reports and that CoS's reports have made up the groundwork for the anti-Scientology community growing on the Internet, but the actual practices of the groups have created the majority of the fervor, and in turn, brought about the greatest backlash from the Scientology community itself.

Reports of brainwashing, defamation, embezzlement, illegal searches, even conspiracy to commit murder have filtered throughout the Internet with many of these reports having the backing of former members and/or the legal system.  For the outside community, affidavits from ex-Scientologists have confirmed what many have always believed, that the CoS is a giant scam littered with fanatics who will go to any length to support their "religion".  There are dozens of cases pending throughout the world against the CoS and its representatives, but one of the most disturbing in the United States is the case of Lisa McPherson.  Here, a sick woman was removed from the hospital by here fellow Scientologists (due to their belief that illness can be cured almost "mind over matter" (Hubbard, p35)) but eventually returned to the hospital, dead, partially due to severe dehydration, malnutrition, and with some of the most horrible bed sores, as if she had been kept in bed for days on end while in the care of her fellow believers.  The case has been dropped by the higher courts in Florida but is currently pending in the form of a civil suit (www.scientology-lies.com).

Not all cases against Scientology stem from something this extreme though, many come from charges that arise against any organization viewed largely as a cult to the outside world.  Cases of brainwashing, extortion, and mental distress seem to be a common theme among the pending cases, and the Internet sites providing these tidbits of information provide some of affidavits of the people involved, or at least documentation to verity that these are legitimate lawsuits, as with the cases of Denny Erlich and Arnie Lerma (www2.thecia.net).  Those two men were ex-Scientologists who were victims of the "raids" by CoS where any documentation, computer files, and actual computers were taken from them by Scientologists.  Anything that contained information about the Church and its practices was taken, largely because it contained pieces of the CoS's "secret scriptures", scriptures that the CoS has gone so far as to sue people for printing in newspapers and posting on the Internet.  The general tone set by the Scientologist community, at least as far as the media is concerned, is that anything not coming from the CoS is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  This notion is made even cleared to the media world when those same "secret scriptures" are looked at closely for they set up much of the policy the CoS members are to take when it comes to the media, dissenters, and the like.  This excerpt, coming from the Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter of 18 October 1967, sets up one of these policies very clearly:

"ENEMY SP Order.
Fair game
May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist
without any disciple of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to
or destroyed." (www.xenu.com)

This is just one prescribed way to deal with the supposed enemies of Scientology, especially those in the various forms of the media, as the opinions expressed there are more likely to reach a larger audience and thus influence more people into an anti-Church position.  There are a dozen different pointers on how to deal with the possible ways the CoS could be assaulted, ranging from simple disinformation to lawsuits against "suppressives" to blatant slander against those who seek to oppose the Church.  This has left the media in a difficult position as some of these lawsuits have been successful, sometimes ground on copyright infringement laws as with the Washington Post suit (www.scientology-lies.com), yet lets the Church walk away fairly clean, able to continue spread their message.

The ware against the Internet websites has spread drastically and brought out a number of lawsuits against the designers, administrators, and even against the Internet Service Providers (IPOs) themselves.  Two of the biggest issues arose against the "alt.religion.scientology" site which is essentially a newsboard for people to express their views on the topic of Scientology, and against FACTnet which was a similar site set up by two ex-Scientology members.  In the first case, a lawyer for the CoS demanded that "new:alt.religion.scientology" be shut down because its name infringed on copyrights as did much of the information being presented on the website (ww2.cia.net).

That case was virtually ignored by the administrators of said site, but such was not the case when it came to the FACTnet.com situation.  With FACTnet, Scientology officials (accompanied by Federal Marshals) were allowed to raid the homes of the ex-members and take the computers, files, and paperwork (included were parts of the "secret scriptures") that contained all the data, in essence, they forced the site to be closed.  Eventually this ended up in court where they Scientologists were ordered to return all of the material they had acquired, save for the "secret scripture" material, which the CoS members were allowed to keep (ww2.cia.net).  The general message that Scientology seems to give dissenting portions of the media, especially those on the Internet, is that if you disagree, you are a victim waiting to happen. And given the guidelines setup by the Church, it is acceptable to go to any means to stop these "unacceptable" opinions.

While the available information on the anti-Scientology side of the issue is prevalent enough to fill up an entire paper, it is necessary to look at this from both sides of the issue, despite how limited the CoS's perspective seems to be on the issue.  The point of view of the Church, as directly quoted from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their official website goes like this:

"There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes that cause a percentage of the population to oppose violently any betterment activity or group.  This small percentage of the society (roughly 2 percent) cannot tolerate that Scientology is successful at improving conditions around the world.  This same 2 percent is opposed to any effective self-betterment activity.  The reason they so rabidly oppose Scientology is because it is doing more to help society than any other group.  Those who are upset by seeing man get better are small in number compared to the millions who have embraced Scientology and its efforts to create a sane civilization and more freedom for the individual." (http://faq.scientology.com)

The view, and it does seem to repeat throughout the FAQ section, is that those who oppose the views of Scientology are simple people who do not want the health and well being of others to improve.  It becomes very difficult to explore the Scientology perspective beyond this because that notion is what it always comes back to through the FAQ and any discussion about the non-Scientology community throughout the website.  Their primary website (one of the few pro-Scientology sites it seems) is just what one would expect from the official website of a company, movie, or product of any kind.  It serves to deliver the message, reinforces that message by answering questions about the message, and provides numerous forms of reinforcement for said message.  It is no different from the anti-Scientology websites in that intent, but is vastly different in providing a lack of perspective or even willingness to examine an outside point of view (http://scientology.org).  Scientology, through their website, sells itself as all things to all people, and as a form of hope for those in need of it.  This is something that is no different than any other religion and it is the draw for many people as it presents ideas and notions that are slightly different from the traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, or Islam.

A major problem comes in with the fact that the primary site extolling the virtues of Scientology is the one run by the Church of Scientology, bringing the situation right back to the questioning setup at the beginning of this paper.  Whereas the anti-Scientology sites set up specific examples and documentation to back up their claims, the official Scientology site makes numerous claims for everything from getting Freedom of Information acts passed in other countries to teaching Black children how to read in Africa, but provides not a drop of proof to support those claims.  Everything becomes a matter of faith and trust in the CoS but in the face of the mounting information disproving the claims of the CoS, it makes it increasingly difficult for an outside observer to accept the Scientology claims at face value.

It continually comes back though, to the freedom of expression/speech/religion that is such a strong thread throughout the entire conflict between the opposing sides here.  Scientology even claims to support the Internet wholeheartedly, "The Internet offers a wealth of readily accessible knowledge but as with any new frontier, the acts of a lawless few can jeopardize the promise of progress and compromise the rights and freedoms of the responsible, law-abiding majority.  The Internet can be abused as easily as it can by employed for good." (http://faq.scientology.org) and goes on to claim responsibility for shutting down many abusers of this freedom (porn distributors, fraud, etc.).  Then on the other side of the coin, you have the people that have been "victims" of Scientology and their version of Internet support, the people mentioned earlier on who were sued or raided for expressing their opinions.  The situation here  becomes a tenuous line due to the drastically different stories presented by both sides, one claiming to have done good for humanity by getting rid of the irresponsible Internet users while those so-called irresponsible ones feel they've been violated illegally for expressing their differing opinions.

As with all situations, it comes down to a matter of personal choice and filtering through the endless bytes of information to get at your own truth, but it would seem safe to say that in the medium of the Internet and cyberspace, Scientology does not rule, rather it seems to fall victim to a case of hypocrisy, of accusing people for perpetrating the same acts as the Scientology community.








Hubbard, Ron L. The Scientology Religion, Krisson Printing Ltd,.
London, England, 1974

Ed. Zellner, William & Petrowsky, Marc, Sects, Cults, and Spiritual Communities
Praeger Publishing., Westport, Connecticut, 1998

Zellner, William. Countercultures: A Sociological Analysis
St. Martin's Press., New York, NY. 1995

Monday, February 10, 2014

Diary #1 from Omega 2 C-4

Welcome to the 2nd edition of my ongoing dig through my personal literary archives. This one comes from either 7th or 8th Grade, apparently from whatever my 7th hour class was that year at Potterville Jr/Sr. High School.  I vaguely remember that the assignment was to write a journal entry (possibly multiple journal entries since this paper is labeled numero uno) from the perspective of either someone in the future, someone who lives in space, or possibly both.

Not to pat myself on the back or anything (which is always what someone says before they do exactly that) I did get a 99/100 on this paper.  The one point deducted from this hand-written piece, and anyone who has seen my handwriting will find this funny, was actually for neatness.  Sad thing is that the handwriting on this thing is light years ahead of the state of my current scribbles.

So here it is, from sometime between the fall of and summer of 1993....

DIARY #1 - OMEGA 2 C-4

I just returned from home. Tales of an upcoming war have frightened me.  People are talking of rebellion. They say the Federation is slowly dissolving, that other planets are also very upset over their treatment. It scares me.

My solar system, like the federation, is crumbling.  Pollution, over-population, and loss of plant and animal life.  My planet in particular is, I mean was, an observatory, but because of major pollution and over-population the observatories were closed.  Through my planet's problems are small compare to the galaxy's. Food shortage, over-population, and pollution just to name a few. Some people feel the Federation has violated their rights.

On the bright side, my family's doing well.  After the observatories closed, my dad became a leader of the people that are against the Federation.  Even though he's wanted for crimes against the Federation, he has managed to avoid capture.  My mother recently had another child.  This means I'm no longer an only child.

Finally, the one thing I'm mixed up about.  Even though it's great to be home after three years, I didn't enjoy this visit much.  My father wants me to quit academy and join him.  Even though I agree with my father's ideas, I refused.  His life of running and hiding is not for me.

So I guess that's it for now.  Till next time.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Framing of Blackjack Mahoney (Where It All Began I Suppose)

Rifling through my belongings as we prepared our second bedroom to become baby Nathan's nursery in a few short months, I came across a stash of various short stories, poems, and school papers I had written over the years.  Most of them are terrible, some of them might be half-decent, but all of them are part of what led to any writing I do in the here-and-now.  Some of it is college aged, some of it high school, and this one...the oldest one I found in the stash, I actually wrote in 5th grade!

So I decided to put these literary experiments some place they can exist in perpetuity, some place more secure than the pieces of paper in which they exist currently, and perhaps one day down the line I can show Nathan what just his Dad did when he was younger.

I warn you in advance, this one in particular, my 5th grade story, it is probably something quite terrible but I wish I had a scanner so I could share the hand-drawn illustrations that accompanied the text. These awful etching did earn me a "Cleverest Title Page" sticker on the front cover though!

So here you go, the oldest piece of writing I found in my stash, circa 1990 and my 5th grade class at Potterville Elementary School, I give to you a transcription of The Framing Of Blackjack Mahoney, complete with whatever spelling and grammar mistakes I made when I was 10 or 11 years old!


The Framing Of Blackjack Mahoney

It's Saturday night around 10.  The wind is rustling through the leaves and there were trees everywhere.  It's raining hard and everything is wet or damp.

Jack was at a party with Chris and Zac. The guy having the party had a Nintendo and over 80 games.  Chris beat them all.

"What a drag!" Zac exclaimed "Let's leave."

Just then the place was gassed.

Everybody was knocked out but Zac, Chris, and Jack.  Jack went after the gasser and caught him. He saw the crook had stolen cash and jewels.

"Blackjack!" Zac said surprised "I see we finally caught you!"

"You can't take me in" Mahoney protested "You aren't cops any more!"

"I know that" Jack replied, "We're helping them though, so we can arrest you"

"Well that stinks!"

Chris took Blackjack in and put him away.

The man has 60 aliases, the most common is Ace.  He has many others including Jack, Poker Man, and Ace Jack.

Ten days later, BOOM! Blackjack's broken out!

"After him" a man ordered "he's a criminal!"

Click, boom, arrgh! A shot rang out. The man lay dead.  Blackjack was now wanted for murder and fraud.

It was broadcast over a 110 mile area that he had broken out.

At the station Jack investigated the murder.

"Blackjack didn't kill the man." Jack announced

"Then who did?" Zac inquired

"I don't know."

They all thought. Jack shouted,

"Officer Mann!"


"Mike Mann, the head honcho at the station on New York Boulevard or our boss!"

"What, why?"

"Because he was bent on getting revenge, the man murdered had taken his old job."

In the morning, Jack and Chris spoke to their boss. When they left, Jack was waiting outside.

When the guys walked home, Jack took at "shortcut". On the shortcut Jack walked past the jailhouse just as a part of the wall came down and out came Blackjack.

"How did you get caught, Blackjack?"

"Cops barricaded my hideout and caught me."

"Hey...!"  Blackjack had knocked out Jack.  Zac and Chris wondered where Jack was and went looking for him.  They retraced the shortcut and saw the wall and Jack's hat was near it. Chris examined for finger and footprints.  He found footprints and followed them to Blackjack's hideout.  When Zac and Chris found the hideout and Jack, they told Blackjack he was being framed.

"Figures, a guy like me, everybody wants me put away."

"Will you help us Blackjack to find out who framed you?"

"Yeah I guess."

Blackjack, along with Chris, talked to Officer Mann.  While Jack and Zac investigated the boss's quarters.  Blackjack and Chris got some leads.  Jack and Zac found the murder weapon.  There were leads to both men.

The next day, Jack and Chris went to their boss's place.

"Why couldn't we go?" Blackjack asked.

"Beats me."

Jack told their boss there leads to him and Officer Mann on the murder. The boss turned around but before Zac and Jack could see him, they were punched hard.  While they were dazed, their boss made his getaway.  Blackjack and Chris saw their boss running and chased after him.  When they caught him, Blackjack saw his face.

"You...how could you?"

"Who is it Black..I mean Ace?"

"Believe me you don't want to know!"

"Yes I do!"

"Ok Chris, it's your father!"

Thud! A gun was fired, a body dropped, and a cop was dead.

"Get him!" Zac yelled "now!"

Shots rang out and they ran down the dark, steamy and grotesque alley.  Zac, Chris, and Jack grabbed trash can lids as shields, more shots.

It was now night.

Zac, Chris, Jack, and another officer threw the lids at the gunman.  He dodged two and was nailed by the others.

It was Officer Mann.

"Spill your guts Mann, why?"

"You know I hated him!"

"So, you murdered him?"

"No, Chris' dad did!"

"With your help?"


The cops arrested Chris' dad and Officer Mann.

The next day Chris, Jack, and Zac became honorary officers and the murderers were given the death penalty.  Chris protested his father getting the electric chair but to no avail.

The next night, Officer Mann was gassed.  Just as Chris' father was going to die, Chris rushed in.


"Why?" the man questioned.

"He's my father, that's why!"


"So, I...I...I...I."


So Chris left, depressed and alone. He got over the depression, after about a week or two, but he was still alone.

Chris though, "Dad's dead, Mom's gone, and sis moved, who do I have?"  Chris started talking out loud, "I don't have anybody!"

"You have me" a voice said

"Dad you're alive, but how?"

"They let me go because the felt sorry for you and I talked them into it."


They walked down to the station and told everybody.  Zac wanted to throw a party and invite Ace.

"Fine by me." Chris answered

"By the way where's he live?" Jack questioned

"In the condos at Sacramento Heights." Chris replied.

"Let's go!" everybody screamed.

The party went on through the night.  Everybody was partyed out in the morning.

"Great party, Chris." Zac said drowsily. Zzzzzzz. Within thirty minutes Jack, Zac, Pop, Ace, and Chris were out and asleep.



Yeah, so while that may not be the first thing I ever wrote, it is definitely the oldest one that is somehow still in my possession.  I suppose I will continue to make my way through the various stuff I found stashed away in storage.  

This ought to be one long, strange, and occasionally whiny (especially once I get to the "poetry") trip...  ;-)