Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good words are worth much, and cost little...

It's been a bit since the last post but a baby being born into our lives will do that!  Welcome to this world: Nathan Christopher Maurer, born 5/1/14 at 6:17pm EST, 8lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches long!

The joy of my life...best thing that ever happened to me no doubt!  Now onto to the words of a much younger me, 20 years ago or so I'd measure. Whether good or bad, coal or a diamond, these were my words:


Past the Realm of narrow thought
slipping through a past not fought
trip the light fantastic pain
ripping through like raging train
stopped by hope's undying truth
peaceful bliss storming loose
like a reign of holy calm
the presence like a healing balm
yet your doubts still plague the mind
searching for answers none can ever find
unnecessary doubts, unquestioning faith
searching for your one true place
still can't help that nagging sound
while growing pains yet drive you down
to grow, must question, to question - learn
with knowledge past experience burns
now continue on this path true st
this never ending, winding trek

Simple desires, complicated minds
Always searching for what you may never find
Eternal fighting, searching for love
Forever reaching for what you dream of
Living your life with pain teaching you
Constantly changing all that you knew
Learning from mistakes, your pride they can't take
Forever adapting through each heart break
now by yourself, self assurance is made
Pieces of your sanity, the coin you have paid
Now finally collecting pieces of you
Puzzle fit perfect, the one and the true
Finding yourself somewhere underneath
Fighting and struggling to reach inner peace

Simple games of the mind
Dance to a tune that cannot bind
Uncontrolled by civil ways
Playing in their piercing gaze
Break the noose, the ties that bind
No limitations for you to find
Deny the corruption you see all around
Whilst your mind, you imagine unbound
No matter the source, darkness can't toiuch
Forever denying man's unseen crutch
Yet unlike the others, you can play the game
While keeping soul safe, and remaining sane
Untouchably pure, innocent as the babe
Unlike the others, accept what you've made
Denial and fear, the others will learn
Without acceptance these feelings will burn
Still within this dark Hell, you sense some small hope
If with their mistakes these people can hope
To grow and to learn man's ultimate goal
Still their humanity, from Eden once stole
Whether Biblical source, or true test of time
Humanity's curse has hidden the signs
A goodness inherent trapped in us all
Fighting society, with this stop the fall
Still pulling you down, many will try
Fighting their ignorance, with light, till you die
Then embracing eternal, the mark you will leave
A memory of hope that many will see

Play the deadly, dancing game
Faith is lost on the insane
Tip-toe past the realm of what
With the blade of truth - clear cut
Faith, a game - taught few can win
Yet unredeemed, still based on sin
Baptized at birth, choice then stole
Again in youth, still what you're told
Growing now, this faith you question
World teach all, a daily lesson
In your mind, your faith will grow
With the seeds experience sews

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