Monday, February 10, 2014

Diary #1 from Omega 2 C-4

Welcome to the 2nd edition of my ongoing dig through my personal literary archives. This one comes from either 7th or 8th Grade, apparently from whatever my 7th hour class was that year at Potterville Jr/Sr. High School.  I vaguely remember that the assignment was to write a journal entry (possibly multiple journal entries since this paper is labeled numero uno) from the perspective of either someone in the future, someone who lives in space, or possibly both.

Not to pat myself on the back or anything (which is always what someone says before they do exactly that) I did get a 99/100 on this paper.  The one point deducted from this hand-written piece, and anyone who has seen my handwriting will find this funny, was actually for neatness.  Sad thing is that the handwriting on this thing is light years ahead of the state of my current scribbles.

So here it is, from sometime between the fall of and summer of 1993....

DIARY #1 - OMEGA 2 C-4

I just returned from home. Tales of an upcoming war have frightened me.  People are talking of rebellion. They say the Federation is slowly dissolving, that other planets are also very upset over their treatment. It scares me.

My solar system, like the federation, is crumbling.  Pollution, over-population, and loss of plant and animal life.  My planet in particular is, I mean was, an observatory, but because of major pollution and over-population the observatories were closed.  Through my planet's problems are small compare to the galaxy's. Food shortage, over-population, and pollution just to name a few. Some people feel the Federation has violated their rights.

On the bright side, my family's doing well.  After the observatories closed, my dad became a leader of the people that are against the Federation.  Even though he's wanted for crimes against the Federation, he has managed to avoid capture.  My mother recently had another child.  This means I'm no longer an only child.

Finally, the one thing I'm mixed up about.  Even though it's great to be home after three years, I didn't enjoy this visit much.  My father wants me to quit academy and join him.  Even though I agree with my father's ideas, I refused.  His life of running and hiding is not for me.

So I guess that's it for now.  Till next time.

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