Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's About That Time (To Bring Forth The Rhythm & The Rhyme)....

Here with your latest installment of more of my jumbled words from the mid-90's...

Dream the dream of a thousand lies
pain's the reality your brain still denies
the truth so painful you cannot accept
turn and ignore the tears that you've wept
run while you can, no use to hide
from the darkness you feel deep inside
the more you try, the harder it seems
feel the burn as your soul does scream
trip into darkness, fall through the light
faster and farther, you're losing your sight
spinning through void
with your heart they have toyed
once blissful soul, through anger destroyed
trapped in unknown, rage has grown
shadow dancing's become your home
with the pain that's made you real
before the god of fear you kneel
touched by the hand, you start to shudder
through clenched teeth you barely mutter
sounds of the hell within
'neath the layer of burning skin
feel the fire as it grows
see the darkness no one knows

Desperate voices speak within
with those words begin again
echoing anger, screaming rage
still unwilling to turn the page
they speak of love not soon forgot
remnant feelings these are not
still a rage burns in your soul
for too long, without control
lingering feelings, hate remains
so sick and tired of playing these games
lash out and hurt, control still denied
lies telling lies, the voices have tried
telling the truth of a past not learned
repeated attempts, blind eyes have turned
denial, betrayal, thoughts turn to the past
knowing at heart, a dream just can't last

mirror image, pain reflected
once again - true self rejected
you have lied and you have cried
by yourself life's been denied
mirrored fear - whirling death
speaking words with dying breath
mirror shows what's trapped within
years of pain worn on your skin
still blind as mice to the proof
yet your eyes scream of the truth
your worst fear still as you grow
reflected is no face you know
but patience isn't yours to grasp
slipping through your fingers, last
years and years, reflections change
as you wake up to the game

New release changing the old
making false all that you've been told
erasing all life, all that you've been taught
again denied for what you have fought
striving to reach that next plateau
by all ignored, denied you still grow
refusal to accept this as the fact
struggling with the wall at your back
yet don't stop, don't ever give up
fight to the finish, goodnight and good luck

Thursday, April 10, 2014


It all continues circa the 1995-1997 range for these ones:

Lost in though, ignoring the world
by emotions, your thoughts and actions are ruled
with little control, you drift through your life
tension so high, can cut with a knife
stress overwhelming, drowning in void
thoughts incoherent, lost love destroyed
look down the barrel life has become
twisted and tortured, cold steel of the gun
with tunnel vision, blind to the truth
can't see the light, despite all the proof
anger building, crescendo is reached
learning a lesson that none can teach
still the rage grows within
scared to fail and relapse again
for too long you've hid and ignored the voice
now actions leave you with no other choice
want to lash out at all those around
scream in silence and none hear the sound
of the darkness deep inside
the repeating echo of an eternal cry
to heaven and hell, now trapped inbetween
clearing the path with a primal scream
repeating mistakes from now til the last
never forgetting the sins of the past

Abandon, goodbye, the tears that you've cried
all for a hope that long ago died
seeing their faces cast on the wall
speaking in silence, they can't stop the fall
relying on others for a true sense of self
dependent on feels, still denying yourself
without a purpose, condemned in your hell
fooling them all to thinking you're well
although opportunities arise all around
you're trapped by a wall while fears they surround
memories of love, peace, and of hate
unsure of yourself, yet painful to wait
so inside of your shell, you sit and you stare
knowing the truth of life, never fair

Goodnight, farewell, I'll see you in hell
along with the secrets you never did tell
hiding the truth from the one you need trust
never living the life that you must
still you run  and hide from the mass
ignoring your feelings from now til the last

Why the games that people play
used to cover what they're afraid to say
is the truth so bad that they must cover
their true selves from one another
a little white lie, a desperate try
to keep it from ending and saying goodbye
they play the fool, just to be cool
by the longing their actions are ruled
a simple desire to be in the crowd
they speak in a voice that's never too loud
twisting and turning, in lies they are caught
most never knowing the pain they have wrought
pushing all away, like a sign from above
always destroying what they have loved